Arch linux driver sr needs updating

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Arch linux driver sr needs updating

However (and that “however” is significant), it’s certainly not a distribution for anyone even moderately new to the world of Linux.

Case in point: When you boot up an ISO of Arch Linux, you wind up at a Bash prompt, where you then walk through the numerous steps (as outlined in the ) to get Arch Linux installed.

I plan to write up a less techie version for the library, but here are the steps.

There are a few recent upgrades that require some intervention so be sure to check out the - specifically for the initscripts and filesystem package updates.

has never been known as a user-friendly Linux distribution.

In fact, the whole premise of Arch requires the end user make a certain amount of effort in understanding how the system works.

This means that all of your older hardware can still make use of this Arch-based operating system with the latest-greatest releases of software.

This makes it easier than ever to run the stock Arch Linux kernel on your linode.

Once you are up to date here are the steps to change to running the stock Arch kernel.

The commands below are using "sudo" but if you log in as root just remove the "sudo" from them.

You know what would make me like graphical configurations more? Sometimes I like to change more than one thing at a time. You can use Arch for anything you want, just like any other Linux: server, laptop, desktop.

I had Arch on an ancient Thinkpad that was left behind by modern Linux distributions.

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In the end, you will be rewarded with a fine-tuned Linux distribution that will serve your needs well.

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