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/ / 5o t °JL MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE NEW ZEALANDERS; WITH NOTES CORROBORATIVE OF THEIR HABITS, USAGES, ETC., AND REMARKS TO INTENDING EMIGRANTS, WITH NUMEROUS CUTS DRAWN ON WOOD. This is easily effected in times of peace, as the national opinion respecting hospitality would be averse to a refusal, even to a supposed enemy. The sacredness of his person has been already mentioned, but this alludes to native objects only, as a head chief is not supposed to be acting dero- gatory to his quality by carrying on his (sacred) back, a basket of provisions, if designed for the use only of a European ; nay, he may with due deference to public opinion, carry fpekau) pickback, the said foreigner, be his dimensions long or short, obese or shadowy, his hands resting on the sacred sconce of his divine carrier : a very young child is also granted a similar indulgence, but for a full- fledged native to attempt such a proceeding, would meet with most substantial effects of public oppro- brium. If one or more natives are capsized with their canoe, through stress of weather or misma- nagement, the natives nearest to the place, instantly swim to the mariners, and instead of lending them assistance, appropriate to themselves every article they can lay hold of, whether paddles, or gar- ments, then tow the canoe on shore, which they 66 MANNERS AND CUSTOMS instantly make prize of, and further strip the hap- less sufferers of every article of raiment, and often with the additional stimulus of a good beating. PURCHASES OF LAND BY THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. For a loan of seed for planting, the borrower is required to return a per- centage in kind, in addition to the principal. The eldest son attains the patrimony received by his parent, and the priority of title.

POLACK, Esq., AUTHOR OF " TRAVELS AND ADVENTURES IN NEW ZEALAND BETWEEN THE YEARS 18. On any chief, however, nearly related to the principal or Ariki of the village feeling agrieved, he is at liberty to leave his tribe and seek refuge, together with his wives, children, slaves, in that of another tribe. This system of living worship in- duces the native chief to become the proudest being that can be found among us powerless worms. Nor is this law confined to domestic occur- rences. On hiring slaves, or even freeclmen, a fee is paid for the hire.

(Sixth International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications (ICDIPC), 21 April 2016 - 23 April 2016, Lebanon). (The Eighth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence, 09 October 2016 - 12 October 2016, Venice, Italy).

In: EMERGING 2016: The Eighth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence . Amaro, T and Huvenne, VAI and Allcock, AL and Aslam, T and Davies, JS and Danovaro, R and De Stigter, HC and Duineveld, GCA and Gambi, C and Gooday, AJ and Gunton, LM and Hall, R and Howell, KL and Ingels, J and Kiriakoulakis, K and Kershaw, CE and Lavaleye, MSS and Robert, K and Stewart, H and Van Rooij, D Arcavi, I and Wolf, WM and Howell, DA and Bildsten, L and Leloudas, G and Hardin, D and Prajs, S and Perley, DA and Svirski, G and Gal-Yam, A and Katz, B and Mc Cully, C and Cenko, SB and Lidman, C and Sullivan, M and Valenti, S and Astier, P and Balland, C and Carlberg, RG and Conley, A Linking existing in vitro dermal absorption data to physicochemical properties: Contribution to the design of a weight-of-evidence approach for the safety evaluation of cosmetic ingredients with low dermal bioavailability. (The Eighth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence, 09 October 2016 - 12 October 2016, Venice, Italy). (2016 International Conference on Intelligent Computation, 02 August 2016 - 05 August 2016, Lanzhou, China). (The Eighth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence, 09 October 2016 - 12 October 2016, Venice, Italy).

And thou shalt write them on the posts of thy house, and on thy gates." (Deut. Many of the chief females, on similar occasions, decorate themselves with flowers, and arrange their native garments so tastefully as to present an object that cannot be contemplated without admiration. 59 persons, that serves the purpose of an aristocratical government. Catlin's Corroborative Testimony of the Indian Tribes of North America. — On Preserving the National Appel- lations to Places. The rejoicing of a parent at the birth of his child, is sobered by a similar infliction, which spares neither excessive happiness nor the most overpower- ing affliction. Among the received laws of the country, are included those relating to letting of lands, when a rent is required of a tithe.

JAMES MADDEN & CO., 8, LEADENHALL STREET, AND HATCHARD AND SON, PICCADILLY. The Hebrews were en- joined to teach the commandments to their children. This agrees with the Mosaic ordination, " And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. On state or gala days, the chiefs assume, and are regarded as ob- jects of, great importance, the symmetry of their muscular and well-rounded persons are shown to great advantage in the native dress, in which they move with graceful steps. J This disposition of the people, which is worked upon by the priesthood (who belong to the aristocracy) for their own pur- poses, induces a reverential awe towards their OF THE NEW ZEALANDERS. These visits are not confined to robbery only, as the sufferers obtain in addition a sound castigation, in which blows are often given with no sparing hand. When boats or canoes are cast adrift, they become the property of the captors, who demand nearly the value of them, previously to restitution.

[more] 1st BITE STARRING: David La Haye (Nouvelle France, La Vie Avec Mon Pere), Mamee (Mae Bia, Butteryfly Man), Dr.

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Karen Sillas, Heidi Swedberg And Harris Yulin DIRECTOR: HYATT BASS The film is set against the sweltering beauty of the Texas countryside, at a family ranch estate of a well-to-do family.

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