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And with an army of pretenders to the throne nipping at her sequinned heels - some Swift, some Grande - a new pop coronation seemed likely. And considering her loyal following and regal status, maybe it's about time the 33-year-old claims her rightful place at the top of the charts with a new release.

The star has been causing a buzz with all her pictures from the studio over the past year, so what - and when - can we expect?

Heard a lot of different opinions on ' Bridget Jones's' Baby.

Some people said that it was a return to form and a huge improvement over ' Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason'.

It didn't cover much new ground and didn't break any conventions, but it was warm, charming, hugely funny and sometimes poignant, with a great cast.

Having seen it myself, initially worried but really wanting to like it and judge it as mindless entertainment, to me it was an improvement but not by much.’s member base quality is exceptional and boasts millionaires, models and professional businessmen and women who are interested in a quality approach to modern online dating.

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