Bruce willis dating anyone

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Bruce willis dating anyone

A massive meteor shower destroys the orbiting Space Shuttle Atlantis and bombards a swath of land around the North Atlantic.NASA discovers through the Hubble that the meteors were debris propelled from the asteroid belt by a rogue asteroid roughly the size of Texas.Armageddon opened in theaters only two and a half months after the similar asteroid impact-based film Deep Impact, which starred Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman.Armageddon fared better at the box office, while astronomers described Deep Impact as being more scientifically accurate."That's when you open up your report that Ashton cheated on Demi with a woman named Sara Leal in San Diego.Looking back, Rumer says she didn't feel any skepticism about the relationship despite plenty of naysayers given the former couple's age difference."Legal in NYC but not on @instagram," she captioned one, using the hashtage "#Free The Nipple"."What @instagram won't let you see," another was captioned.She went on to lament Instagram’s seemingly disproportionate rulings on acceptable nudity.

That led to film roles, and in 2003 he became even more famous when he started dating Demi Moore, 15 years his senior."I feel like I was kinda impressed," Rumer laughs, referring to her mother."I was like, 'Yeah girl, get it, alright.'" Earlier this month, appearance, when he claimed that he was actually dating Sara Leal when she allegedly cheated on him with Ashton!I definitely try to lead the long tail of the press, so if I'm going to an event I break the story myself - I don't need somebody making money from breaking a story about me.If I'm going to be in a zoo, I want the keys to the cage - I saturate the market with images of myself, so their images won't have any value.

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The 22-year-old actress, who is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, went on a topless jaunt around New York City to highlight her disagreement with policies against female nudity.